Zone Tone Exercise

There is more to weight training than just lifting the weights. Some people lift on a consistent basis but still don’t see the results that they want to achieve. Some look worse than when they started. One reason could be that the person lifting weights is not in the zone. The Zone Tone method shows you how to get maximum results from your weight training.

Learning proper form when lifting weights is important. For one thing, lack of form can cause injury. Swinging the weights is not safe or correct. Lifting heavy weights to build larger muscles is a common misconception. Weights that are too heavy can also injure you.

Proper technique is also important when lifting weights. Using weight machines when you are just starting out doesn’t encourage proper technique. The machine does most of the work for you which doesn’t teach you form. Free weights give you the opportunity to learn how the exercises are done.

This is where the Zone Tone method of weight training comes in. it mentally prepares you and your muscle groups for the work that is about to come. Have you ever lifted weights before and just gone through the motions because you thought that was how it was done? Do you avoid free weights? The Zone Tone method for proper weight training demystifies all of that.

Here is how it works. This exercise method stresses the importance of anatomy. You know where your hands and feet are located, but what about the quadriceps muscle or the bicep femoris? Zone Tone hinges on knowing the precise location of all muscle groups you will be working.

Here’s an example. Let’s say you are about to do military presses with free weights. Military presses work the deltoid (shoulder) muscles and the pectorals (chest muscles) to a smaller extent. Before you even lift the weights into starting position, fix your mind on the deltoid muscles. This is where the work of lifting the weight will be concentrated.

The second step is to squeeze that muscle group as if you were already lifting the weight. This action preps the muscle for work. Can you feel the deltoid now? While still squeezing, lift the weights into position for military presses and begin the exercise. Be sure to focus on the deltoid throughout the entire routine.

There are only two steps with the Zone Tone method: zoning in on the appropriate muscle group before exercise and continuing that focus for maximum toning results. With the Zone Tone method, you don’t need heavy weights to get your muscles to grow. As your fitness level progresses, your focus and squeezing technique will as well. Before you even pick up the weight, the level of tension on the muscle will be equivalent to five or ten pounds of weight.

The Zone Tone method is not a hard one to learn but the benefits are tremendous. Your muscles will work smarter to give you the definition you desire.