Yes, Your Parents Are Crazy!

The author of “Yes, Your Parents Are Crazy!”, is teen psychologist Michael Bradley. The book is the sequel to the popular Yes, Your Teen Is Crazy!

The book is divided into three parts. Part I is entitled “You Right Now” and gives information on body development, brain and psychological development. Part II “Your World” talks about teen’s culture, parents, family, peers and school. Part III “Your Day to Day Life” provides information on topics every teen would be interested in, from aggression to love, blended families, siblings and working. This section covers over 30 topics in alphabetical order.

The book benefits from entertaining illustrations and cartoons and is written in a down-to-earth style to make it accessible to any teenager. It is full of solid advice for teens (and parents) on how to deal with life’s issues.

It is a great book to keep on a bookshelf as a resource for your teenagers. It explains to teens why parents and other adults act the way they do. It also gives advice on how to handle life’s confusing and sometimes difficult situations.