Yoga Retreats

What is a yoga retreat? Like any other retreat, it is a place where you can go and get away from it all. The difference is that here, your focus is yoga.

Yoga is a type of activity that is spiritual in nature. Yes, it has physical benefits for the body through the positions maintained and stretching of the body, but the mind is the principal target. If you can teach your mind to relax, then your body will follow suit.

Yoga retreats are gaining in popularity as a “true vacation.” How many of us have gone on vacations that were so busy and stressful that we needed a few days off when we returned to recuperate from the vacation? With a yoga retreat, it is all about getting in touch with your inner self and learning to meditate and quieten your mind.

There are different types of yogic practice taught in the United States. Retreats are places where you can go to unwind and also practice your yoga. They are not unlike ashrams but without the work component.

You can find a yoga retreat by asking your yoga instructor. They may even run yoga retreats themselves. If you are a faithful practitioner they may offer you a discount for coming and giving it a try.

What can you expect at a yoga retreat? Well, you can expect to be up early. Yoga practitioners like to rise early and take advantage of the view of the sunrise and the peacefulness. There are also classes typically in the evenings as well.

Check out what type of facilities is offered at your retreat. Some are quite spartan, staying in rustic accommodations in the woods to get closer to nature. If camping is not for you and neither are the bugs, you may want to choose something a little more modern.

Some yoga retreats are run like spas. In addition to the yoga instruction classes, there are also massage treatments, body wraps, mud baths and other pampering services to cater to the entire body inside and out. These will be pricier, but if you don’t mind laying out the extra cash it can be quite a nice experience.

Food is often included in the price. It is healthier fare that cleanses your body and nourishes at the same time.

Where is the yoga retreat? We hinted that some are more like roughing it, but others can be in exotic locations. There are also mountain retreats with a studio feel. It all depends on where you will feel the most comfortable.