Workout: One-on-One Training with Jackie

Jackie Warner is a popular personal trainer who guides you with her enthusiasm through this fast-paced and calorie burning workout. The routines are divided into three categories: upper body, lower body and core/abs. You have a choice to either do the three parts separately or to do the routine in one go – which means one hour of fun and sweat. The different routines/moves are easy to follow as Jackie always works with other trainers who, while Jackie instructs and gives advice or encouragement, will perform the routine for you. The routines are varied and include moves such as planks and side planks, squats and push-ups. Throughout the workout, Jackie cheers you on and encourages you to keep going.

Overall, Jackie Warner is an excellent personal trainer who makes this interval training fun for anybody wanting to get fitter and stronger. All you need in addition to the DVD is a spare hour, a mat, some light weights and a desire to do something good for yourself.