Workout Ideas for the Fall

What are the benefits of fall? For one, the days are not so hot and everyone flocks to outdoor spaces to enjoy the view. Use the fall season to ramp up your workouts by getting outdoors.

You might be able to smell that fresh crisp air already. There are a variety of activities that are perfect for fall. You may know some others that you have been putting off because of the heat.

There are a few things to remember before working out in the fall. One, it takes your body longer to warm up than in the summer or spring. Be sure to warm up for at least five minutes so that your muscles can get ready for the coming exercise session. If you are walking, try a slow pace at first until you feel your muscles warming.

Secondly, layer your clothing. When you start, the air could be a bit too crisp for a sleeveless or short sleeve shirt. Begin with a layer of clothing that will take moisture away from your body. Follow with a t-shirt or other lightweight cotton top. Cover everything with a lightweight jacket if you are cold. As you warm up, remove the layers until you are comfortable.

Remember that the days get shorter in the fall. If you are exercising after dark, wear reflective gear so cars can spot you when walking or riding your bike. Now, let's continue with those fabulous fall workout ideas.

* Roller skating – Take the entire family to the park for an afternoon of skating. Roller skating works the entire leg area as well as the abs and the arms.

* Mountain climbing – This is a great family workout. Visit your local sporting goods store to get outfitted in the proper gear for your climb. If it’s your first time, use the expertise of an instructor until you get the hang of it.

* Bike riding – There really is no bad time for riding a bike. You control the pace and intensity of your workout. Ride alone or with the family. Tune up your bikes before the first ride, especially if they have been in storage. Properly inflate tires, and check lights, seat position and handlebar position. Don’t forget to wear your helmets.

* Walking – Walking is a great overall exercise. It works the heart and lungs as well as the entire body. Walking even a mile a day can produce some amazing health benefits. In the fall, you may have to up your pace as the weather cools.

* Recreational sports – Use that backyard for more than just barbeques. Gather the family and friends for a game of football, kickball, volleyball or baseball. Spending a couple of hours laughing and running will help you get fit without even thinking about it.