Winning by Losing, Change Your Life

Jillian Michaels, well-known personality on the TV show “The Big Loser” has written the best-selling book Winning by Losing – Drop the Weight, Change Your Life.

The Editorial Review describes this book as “a comprehensive, inspirational, and real solution to your weight problems. Taking a triple-threat approach, trainer Jillian Michaels identifies and illuminates the three keys to health and lasting weight loss so that you can become a winner in mind, body, spirit, and life. Focusing on both the psychological aspects of being overweight as well as nutrition and fitness, Jillian's program is designed to help you safely shed weight fast.”

Consumers who have read this book have all stated that reading this book is akin to having Jillian talking directly to them in a conversational and no-nonsense approach to diet and exercise.

There are three phases to this book: Self, Science, and Sweat. Self teaches you how to build a support group and revamp your negative self image in order to filter out those individuals in your life that are harmful to your health.

Science teaches you how to calculate your BMR and AMR so that you can create a weekly caloric regimen specifically geared towards your body. Jillian also helps you to determine what type of oxidizer you are (slow, balanced, or fast) so that you can determine the ratio of carbs, proteins, and fats that your body needs. A list of foods is also supplied that are optimal for your body type and weight loss goals.

Sweat involves a detailed 12-week fitness workout along with an index of specific workouts with alterations for various fitness levels.

The author provides you with a simple equation to calculate the calories you need per day and, adding this to your activity levels, you can easily find out what you need to eat to lose a certain amount of weight each week.

If you’ve seen Jillian on The Big Loser, she is a tough trainer. But she also has first-hand knowledge about the struggles and challenges associated with losing weight. Her story is a familiar one, and her book is a testimony to the fact that anyone can aspire to achieve a successful diet and exercise program if they set their mind to it.