Windsor Pilates Upper Body Sculpting

The Upper Body Sculpting DVD is another Pilates DVD by Mari Windsor, a well-known Pilates instructor. With the help of weights, Mari Windsor guides you through a 20minute workout for your upper body to give you sculpted and toned arms and shoulders and increase your overall strength. All you need are 1-2lb dumbbells, and Mari Windsor will give you a great upper body workout. The 20 minutes incorporate traditional Pilates mat work exercises with standing routines for maximum benefit.

Pilates has many healthy benefits: from strengthening your core, toning arms and shoulder areas, reducing back pain, improving posture to improving sports performance and reducing sports injuries. The Upper Body Sculpting DVD by Mari Windsor is just one workout in a series of DVDs to help you feel good about yourself, gain strength, lose weight and be healthy.

Overall, I think this DVD is a great choice if you already do Pilates on a regular basis and are looking specifically into an upper body strengthening workout. As it only covers upper body exercises, you might want to invest in other DVDs as well; such as bums & thighs, ab sculpting etc. The routines in each of the DVDs are demonstrated in an easy-to-understand way and when done regularly, will give you a toned body and increased strength.