How Does Whey Protein Help Build Muscle?

Whey protein powders are quite popular as a supplement in the diets of athletes and bodybuilders. Proteins are an essential factor in the repair and building of muscle. Without an adequate level of protein intake, you can experience not only muscle deterioration and injury, but your entire workout can become a wasted effort. Therefore, a supplement of protein in your diet is important - not only to protect you from injury but especially for those who are looking to build more muscle.

There are many options available when you begin your personal search for protein powders, and this can create some confusion in the decision of which one best suits your needs. The most common form found is whey protein. It’s a product derived from milk used during the cheese-making process – whey protein is collected and separated from the cheese. It is quite easy to frequently find fantastic deals on this already inexpensive product.

While searching for whey protein powders, you will see just how many different types are out there. Whey protein concentrates (the least expensive) and whey protein isolates are the most common. The purity of the protein powder in the concentrated form is approximately 75% protein by weight.

If choosing the isolate variety, you will almost always find them having at least 90% pure protein. These will also be the ones with the lowest amounts of carbohydrates and fat. Although these types of protein powders are of higher quality and have better absorption rates into your body, they will carry a heavier price tag as well.

Our bodies need both essential and non-essential amino acids in order to be used as fuel for the rebuilding of muscle. Whey protein happens to contain these amino acids at the appropriate level for rapid intake and usage. This helps to increase the response from both hormones and cells if consumed immediately following a workout. Not only will this assist in building muscle - it will also enhance muscle endurance while reducing any deterioration.

Whey protein contains branched-chain amino acids, which have the ability to be metabolized directly into the muscle tissue rather than the liver as with other amino acids. This is another reason why it improves your bodybuilding training to the extent it does. If your regular diet doesn’t contain sufficient protein from other food choices, there is a definite need for a supplemental source in order to build muscle.

It’s not to be assumed, however, that you will become bigger with larger amounts of protein consumed - no matter what your lifestyle is. Leading a sedentary lifestyle isn’t going to make the whey protein achieve anything miraculous. The more exercise you do, the more protein you need. It is recommended that strength athletes consume an approximate 0.7 to 0.8 grams of protein for each pound of body weight. However, going over this amount will only lead to extra fat to burn, no matter how much strength training you intend on doing.

With all that being said, whey protein powders are a great supplement in the specific dietary needs of athletes and bodybuilders. In order to keep existing muscles from deterioration and injury, protein is essential. It is even more so for those who wish to ensure they have an adequate intake of protein in order build more muscle safely.