Where Did I Leave My Glasses?

Where Did I Leave My Glasses, a book by Martha Weinmar Lear, is a well-written, entertaining, while at the same time, informative book. It is a book on memory loss and will appeal to everybody who is interested and worried about their own forgetfulness or that of elderly loved ones.

Lear has researched memory loss/forgetfulness in great detail. She provides a well-written introduction to what memory is. For her book, she interviewed more than 15 neuroscientists, psychologists and other health professionals to determine how much memory loss is actually a normal sign of aging, and does not mean it is a sign of Alzheimer’s. She explores when and why memory loss happens, how male and female memories are different and what can be done about the issue.

Forgetting people’s names or forgetting where you place certain things does not mean that you suffer from dementia or Alzheimer’s. It is a common condition of getting older. Lear’s book is a wonderful mix of newest scientific brain research and amusing anecdotes. It makes a fantastic read – informative and entertaining.