Stay Motivated To Lose Weight

It is not an easy task to get rid of weight. Getting rid of excess weight will improve your overall health but it involves the mind and body working together. How will you stay motivated until you reach your goal?

Losing weight is a journey. And, like other journeys, it can be fraught with potholes, hills and wrong turns. Each of these obstacles can derail you, but it doesn’t have to. Knowing what may lie ahead and also how to confront it gives you the tools to stay motivated.

What are plateaus? During workouts, your body can get used to the routine you have been doing for the past four or five weeks. The muscles cease to be challenged anymore and your weight loss may stall. Plateaus are common and are temporary as long as you handle them with the right frame of mind.

* Alter your workout routine. If you are doing 30 minutes on the treadmill, switch to another piece of aerobic equipment. Jogging instead of walking also adds a new component to your workout that your body wasn’t expecting.

* Add weight training. Once you begin to see a loss in weight, don’t forget to build muscle tissue to reshape your body. Muscle building also burns fat for an extra weight-loss boost.

The scale can also stall because of eating habits. When you start any workout, the hardest part is thought to be getting started with physical activity, but it may also be changing the way that you eat. Your workouts will initially cause a weight loss (mostly water weight) but when it stops no matter how hard you work out, it is time to examine the food.

* Substitute favorite foods with low calorie/low fat alternatives. The key to eating for life is to make slow changes that will stick. Instead of apple juice, eat an apple. It will fill you up and provide lots of fiber.

* Cut portion sizes. Eat one slice of pizza instead of two. Use a smaller plate to fool yourself into thinking you have more food on it than you do. Eating proper portions will reduce calories ingested so that your exercise program will burn more stored fat.

* Cook more often. Eating out is fast but it is also fattening. When you cook you can add all of the good ingredients you want to eat and spices to give your taste buds something to look forward to.

Sometimes, you are doing everything right and you are still at a standstill. Now, it's time to examine your mental state. Stress at work or at home can cause your body to produce more of the hormone cortisol which helps your body to hold on to fat stores.

* Find a support group. Talk over your troubles with a friend, a weight-loss group or health professional. They can offer suggestions for dealing with your problems in a constructive manner.

* Take time out for you. Pamper yourself to reduce stress and increase confidence.