How to Lose Weight This Winter

It happens every year. At the beginning of the New Year, people make resolutions to lose weight in the coming year. Wouldn’t it be great if you could stop making that resolution for once? There are ways to keep the pounds off this winter if you’re willing to make the effort.

What you eat greatly influences how much you weigh. That’s why most people think of going on a diet when they want to lose weight. Did you know your food and beverage choices can also help you keep weight off during colder months?

Colder months often mean there’s less to keep you busy. This means you’ll also be less active. If you snack, be sure your snack food of choice is healthy. Vegetable sticks and fruit slices are less likely to pack on the pounds than fudge, sugary cookies, or warm brownies. However, you don’t have to totally give up sweets. When you do crave something sweet you can cut up fruit and spoon it over angel food cake. You’ll have the sweet taste you desire without all the extra sugar and fat.

Make home-made soups and stews from scratch rather than choosing canned varieties. You’ll have more control over what goes into them. You can add fresh ingredients as well as leave out the preservatives and chemicals which are often a part of processed foods. Freshly prepared foods are healthier for you and taste better, too.

Don’t forget to use your crock pot if you have one. There are so many dishes to make in a crock pot – breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert can all be made in one. And what could be better than putting the ingredients into the crock pot in the morning and having a hot, healthy meal ready to eat when you get home from your daily activities?

Use skim milk rather than whole or 2% milk. This will save both calories and fat which you really don’t need if you’re trying to keep the pounds at bay. Low-fat cheese is another food you can use to save calories. Also, trim the excess fat and remove the skin to save calories from the meats you eat.

When holiday get-togethers begin to fill your calendar, remember to eat something healthy before you leave. This will fill you up so you’re less tempted to reach for a second helping or the sweets that seem to grace the table during the winter months. You can also drink a full glass of water before eating so you won’t be as likely to overeat.

If you do find you’ve over-indulged, don’t berate yourself. Instead, find an outdoor activity you can enjoy which will get you moving and burning those extra calories. Cross country or mountain skiing, snowboarding, or snow shoeing are all options. You may also enjoy taking a walk in the brisk air and falling snow. You can even go running in colder weather if that’s your favorite exercise. Be sure to dress appropriately to reduce the possibility of frostbite or hypothermia.

If outdoor activities aren’t appealing, you can also find things to keep you active indoors. Join a gym, do aerobics with friends, buy a stationary bike or treadmill. The important thing is to keep moving.

There’s no way to guarantee you won’t gain weight, but using these ideas for ways to keep the pounds off this winter may give you a better shot at keeping the extra pounds away. Remember, every day you choose what you eat and how active you are.