10 Reasons Why You Should Lift Weights

Weightlifting is not all about bulking up and winning contests. It is about strength training and getting in the best shape that you can. Are you contemplating weightlifting? Here are ten reasons why weightlifting is a worthwhile activity.

Weightlifting is an important part of the fitness equation. As we age, our bodies lose muscle mass. It is that muscle that gives us strength when lifting, carrying and performing other activities. Strength may even help you avoid a dangerous fall.

1. Lifting weights burns fat. Muscle burns more calories than fat. To work and build muscle means that your body is still in the fat-burning zone long after the workout has finished. To shed weight, the amount of fat that we already have has to be reduced.

2. Weights change the look of your body. You may not be going for the muscle-bound look, but lifting weights results in a more sculpted shape to your body. It is that definition that helps you to look fabulous in your clothes, especially the ones you thought that you’d never fit into again.

3. Weightlifting strengthens you bones. As you age, bone health can decrease. Osteoporosis is a problem for thousands of women. Building muscle also builds bone density. Stronger bones are more likely to avoid breakage during a fall or regular activity.

4. Weights improve posture. Strengthening muscle groups properly helps them to function as they were intended to in the body. For instance, the back and the abdominals are two complementary muscle groups that make up the core of your body. They are important for posture and balance.

5. Strength training increases energy. With less weight on your frame and more muscle, your body is constantly burning food for energy. You will feel that you can do more without getting tired.

6. You may get a flat stomach. Getting a flat stomach is not just about working the abdominal area, but losing the fat. Increasing muscle mass also increases your metabolism. As the fat melts away, you’ll be able to see those ripped abs you have been working on.

7. Your strength will increase. Before you may have felt like a weakling when it came to lifting things or even yourself. With more muscle, your strength and confidence will hit an all-time high.

8. Pain may be a thing of the past. Increasing bone density, muscle mass and joint strength can combat pains that you may have been feeling before. Pains that result from stiffness or limited range of motion are dealt with when you lift weights. Weight-training increases range of motion and may eliminate certain pains altogether.

9. You feel better. Exercise increases endorphins in the body. They create an overall positive state of well-being for you.

10. Your stress levels are reduced. As you gain confidence with weightlifting, your confidence in other areas may increase as well. You are better able to cope with stressors.