Weight Watchers Plan

Weight Watchers has been around for about fifty years. The basic principles of the program center on a point system that helps you lose weight without feeling deprived. It is simple in its design and therefore has had no need to change or add gimmicks to attract those wanting to lose weight. The success stories of their clientele speak for themselves.

The point system says that each person fits into a particular category based on their starting weight. Each food that we eat and each ingredient in dishes that we create has been assigned a point value. As long as what we ingest on a daily basis falls within that point range, we will lose weight. And, it works.

But, Weight Watchers goes one further. You could eat chocolate cake all day and stay within your points but that won’t give you the healthy body that you crave. Their program also provides information on how to incorporate exercise, make healthier food choices and develop a support system for success.

The cornerstone of the program is the meetings. Weight Watchers members are required to meet once a week for a weigh-in. It is your choice to stay for the meetings. Their research has shown that those who do participate in group meetings lose more weight than those who don’t.

Why is this? The group setting supplies accountability and also a forum for support. You can ask questions and also listen to others who may have the same issues as you. Instructors are former Weight Watchers members who have achieved their lifetime goals.

The newest part of the program that has been developed is called the Momentum program. This component concentrates on filling foods. You begin by using the point system or the Core plan (eating from an approved food list instead of counting points) as you learn about Momentum. Filling foods are those which are nutrient dense so that you feel full faster and stay full longer.

Incorporating filling foods into your day helps to stop cravings from leading to overeating. Once you get the hang of the new program, you can stop counting points. Many find this to be the better of two worlds: They learn how to eat and don’t feel like they are on a diet plan. As with the point program, if you find that your weight loss has slowed, examine your food diary for the week and make adjustments based on what you have learned.

Weight Watchers works because the science behind it is sound. They have added various components over the years but the basic tenets are the same as they were fifty years ago.