Walking Meditation

This book, which also includes a DVD and Audio CD, helps to teach you how to walk with peace of mind. It shows you techniques to use your walking as a way to release the pressures of life not matter where you are walking.

I love to walk. Just walking was a release for me but I thought: What if I walked with a purpose? So I decided to get this book and see just what it was all about. I was amazed.

Did you ever think about the fact that we walk for hours everyday? Most of us in our jobs or to and from stressful places like work, school, and stores to name a few. When I walked it usually meant time thinking about what I had to do when I get where I’m going. Now I don’t do that.

This book is very simple to read and follow. It teaches you how to walk slowly, take in all of your surroundings in a pleasing way. It helps you learn how to have peace of mind when you’re walking. No matter where you are.

It also explains where you can practice your walking meditation so you don’t feel like the whole world is trying to figure out what your doing. This was helpful to me because I always want to try new things out in private to make sure I have it together.

It also helps you with breathing and how to deal with emotions while you walk. Sometimes when I’m upset or angry about something and walk, I get to moving so fast and walking so hard by the time I get to where I’m going I’m exhausted. This book has helped me with that so I can take my time and release those built up emotions. I also smile when I walk now. Believe it or not - it does make a difference.