The UltraMind Solution: Fix Your Broken Brain by Healing Your Body First

The Ultra Mind Solution is an audio book by Dr Mark Hyman, a well-known expert in the field of alternative medicine. In his audiobook, he presents an easy to implement six week plan to fix our broken brains by restoring a healthy body. If you, like millions of other people, suffer from depression, attention and focus problems, anxiety, memory loss and stress, Dr Hyman’s audiobook will give you the knowledge to achieve calmness, confidence, a feeling of being in control and gain a focused mind.

In his audiobook he gives details of his personal story and illness that changed his way of thinking about conventional medicine, when it failed him. He is a strong advocate of Functional Medicine, a discipline that does not give a condition a name and drug, but looks for underlying problems and then corrects the body back to optimum functionality.

The book also features the “Seven Keys to Ultra Wellness”, which cover optimizing nutrition, balancing hormones, fixing digestive tract problems, boosting energy, reducing inflammation and achieving a calm brain.

The six-week plan puts into place the changes necessary to achieve a healthy body and healing a broken brain.

This audiobook certainly offers new approaches and tools for anybody who is interested in relieving symptoms of brain related problems from migraines to depression.