Toddler Nutrition Tips

As a toddler, your child is getting very active. They are able to walk and run as much as they want. So, you would think that they would eat more than they do. Your children know how much they need to eat at that age, but they need help to figure out what to eat.

Your child’s palate is a clean slate. They don’t know which foods they like or don’t like because they are just beginning to explore the world of food. Why not get them off to a good start with wholesome choices?

* Dairy – Now that your child is off of breast milk or formula, they can drink whole milk. At their age, they need the fat in the milk and also the added Vitamin A and D. Two cups is usually the limit. If you don’t want to give the full fat, try 1% milk.

* Fruit – Fresh fruit has two main benefits: Vitamin C and also natural sweetness. Remember, kids aren’t born with a sweet tooth. We as parents are the ones who create that monster. Give them a taste for natural sugars with a variety of colorful fruits.

* Vegetables – Vegetables provide useful carbohydrates that will help them to stay fueled throughout the day and not get tired. They will be better able to concentrate in preschool and daycare. Try to introduce one new vegetable a week. Present it in its natural state without condiments and added fats. If you want to add taste, steam it in broth.

* Meat – Protein is important to build healthy muscles and for brain function, among others. Start with lean meats like skinless chicken, beef and some pork.

* Snacks – This is where the rubber meets the road. Instead of a candy bar, offer them healthier snacks that are also fun. One of the favorites is ants on a log. This is usually made with a piece of celery covered in peanut butter and topped with raisins. Kids can help fix them and will love to eat them even more.

Toddlers are blank slates. They will begin to learn healthy eating habits from you. Fill their diets with fresh fare, lean meats and even a daily multivitamin to get them growing up well.