The New Becoming Vegetarian

If you are thinking about becoming a vegetarian and changing your way of living, The New Becoming Vegetarian might just be the book for you. It is a well-researched resource about vegetarianism, covering everything you need to know when making the transition, including vitamins, minerals and protein intake and supplements and fats.

The book explains the different types of vegetarians, from lacto-ovo to vegan. It explores how diets can help in promoting health and preventing and treating chronic illnesses. The author gives information on best possible vegetarian nutrition for all stages of life with the help of menu plans, food guides and tables. You learn about how to eat during pregnancy, being a vegetarian athlete, the relation between whole grains and cancer and much more.

Also included are over 50 easy to make highly nutritious recipes: African stew, curried lentils, German chocolate cake, cranberry cookies, banana-walnut pancakes just to name a few mouth-watering ideas.