Textile Toxins

Chemical processing allows clothing to do the different things that make us look good when we wear them. Fabrics that stretch, clothing that breathes and outfits that can be rolled up without sustaining a wrinkle are all treated. What you might not know is that these chemicals can be toxic to your health as you are exposed to them over time. The process of making these fabrics do what we need them to do often requires the use of some heavy-duty products like detergents, acids, fabric softeners, bleach and others. These industrial-strength chemicals are retained in the fabrics that are manufactured.

For people who are sensitive to chemicals, this extends to your clothing. Ever wonder why you are itchy when you wear certain things or feel bad for seemingly no reason? It could be that the chemicals in your clothing are affecting you.

Here is a short list of some of the types of materials that you might want to avoid:

* Polyester
* Rayon
* Acrylic
* Nylon
* Acetate

Also try to avoid any clothing that says it is stain resistant, wrinkle resistant, resists static or repels anything. This hints that the fabrics have been further chemically treated to cause this phenomenon. Instead, try to use untreated organic fabrics such as:

* Cotton
* Silk
* Wool
* Hemp
* Linen

Some of these are more expensive but the fibers are stronger and will last longer. To combat wrinkles, get your steam iron back out and use heat to relieve wrinkles instead of chemicals.