Pain Relief for Teething Babies

What is involved with teething? Teeth are always there, just below the surface of the gums. When the time is right, they have to cut their way through the gums. The process of breaking that tissue is painful.

Imagine if you were cutting teeth. Well, you did at one time. The tender gums that your baby uses to suck from a bottle or the breast are now being assaulted by these teeth. They don’t know what else to do besides cry and slobber. They seem to make more saliva when they are teething.

One thing that you will notice is that your child may be feeding less. The pain may be ruining their appetite. Relieving this pain can keep them from going hungry.

Keep an eye out for any changes in your child. If the teeth have a problem getting through those gums, it can not only lead to swollen gums but also fever and/or diaper rash.

* Rub the gums – Sometimes simply rubbing those gums can bring relief when they are throbbing. It can also help your baby to sleep or to feed after a good gum massage.

* Apply cold – Cold numbs an area and stops the pain temporarily, maybe long enough for baby to sleep or feed. Use frozen waffles. They can gum them until they get soft. Frozen carrots work well too. Don’t forget teething rings. Try to buy those that are made of thick durable plastic so baby won’t accidentally puncture it when it thaws out.

* Use a damp cloth – They can suck or bite on a cool rag. You can use it to rub the gums also but do it lightly so you don’t cause abrasions.

* Give teething cookies – These are safe for baby to eat when they are soft and mushy. There are also teething ice pops to soothe the gum line.

* Use natural oils – An example is clove oil. Rubbing it on the gums can bring about a numbing effect for baby and alleviate pain. Vanilla extract can also help soothe the gums and calm baby’s disposition, as well as help cure stomach upset from crying and saliva.

* Chill bottle nipples – Baby will chew on the nipple when they drink from their bottle. Chilling the nipple can soothe the gums as they feed so that they can drink in comfort and still get a full tummy.