Teen Stress

What is stress anyway? It is our response to various situations in our lives. There is such a thing as good stress or “eustress.” A looming deadline can spur us into action to come up with something terrific for that term paper. Anxiety over public speaking can lead to long practice sessions to get the speech just right.

On the other hand, there is also stress that can lead to bad results. Worry or fear can immobilize you. It carries symptoms like loss of appetite, weight loss, weight gain, stomach aches and loss of sleep to name a few. These situations demonstrate a lack of coping skills.

No one wants to watch their child deal with this. Although we would rather see them happy all the time, we know as parents that stress is a fact of life. Now, it is also up to us to teach our teenagers how to cope so that they don’t end up physically or mentally sick.

Parents can ask their kids what types of activities they would like to participate in. we do have a habit of over-scheduling our kids for afterschool clubs and sports. When they become teenagers, they are allowed to have some say in their lives. Parents get the final say, but communicating your desires and their needs will lead to a pleasant compromise for both of you.

When dealing with issues at home, holding family meetings gives everyone a chance to clear the air. For example, an impending divorce can leave everyone on edge. Talking about it leads parents to discover how it can be affecting their kids. Even though they are teenagers, they may believe that the divorce is their fault in some way. Assure them that they are loved and not to blame.

Peer pressure can be brutal these days. To a child, getting the cold shoulder from friends or having a false rumor spread about them can be like the kiss of death. Teaching your child to believe in their strength of character and your support can help them deal with this childish behavior with high self-esteem and not take it personally.

Suggest that your child thin their schedule a bit to make time for them to rest. How about a fun family afternoon to take the pressure off? Kids may act like their families are lame but they love to spend time with those who love them.

Is your teen stressed out? Find out the cause and then work together to come up with a solution to ease the pressure.