Teen Boxing

With the childhood obesity a pandemic in this country, something has to be done to get our kids moving. One of the ways that kids can get a good workout and have some fun is through boxing. Kids love to hit things when we don’t want them to. How about encouraging them to hit for a change?

Youth boxing programs work for kids of all ages. Once seen as a way to channel anger in kids with emotional or societal issues, boxing can help any child to make great strides in their lives.

First, let’s talk about the physical health benefits. When you box, you are always moving. That is how you stay away from your opponent’s blows. That constant motion keeps the heart and lungs working. Over time, they’ll find out that they run out of breath less easily and are able to stay in the ring longer.

Boxing is a great resistance workout. Just practicing on the bag, doing push ups, crunches and sparring teach young pugilists how to perfect their stance and use their muscles. In addition, they get to have fun with kids their own age.

What about the emotional benefits of boxing? Kids are constantly learning and growing. While they are trying to discover just who they are, their self-confidence may take a hit.

Learning to master their body provides a boost for their self-esteem. As they learn more and accomplish more in the ring, their self-confidence increases. They also learn how to manage their stress and anger for a better emotional adjustment in social situations.

Boxing teaches not only physical strength but also mental strength. While they are moving in the ring, they are always thinking about their next move. This takes focus, which many young people don’t have the hang of yet. Learning how to focus is helpful in the classroom. They concentrate on what the teacher is saying and do their work instead of participating in distracting behavior.

There is also an element of discipline in boxing. You have to know when to strike and when to hold back. You also have to listen to your coach. This is useful when it comes to using the same courtesy and manners with teachers and parents.

Besides all of these benefits, kids love to compete and succeed. Boxing teaches success on a personal level. Even if you only win a few matches, you have learned how to master your body and your emotions. Visit a boxing gym near you to see if this sport is right for your child.