Supplements and Bodybuilding

Supplements are used to help with what you are already doing. In bodybuilding, what builds muscle is lifting weight. If you are a woman, you probably want toned, tight muscles whose definition is easy to see through the skin. For men, you want to get the same look only with bigger muscles.

What builds muscle is protein, and what increases your endurance during a workout are carbohydrates to boost your energy levels. Sometimes you can’t get all of the nutrients that you need in your food. So, that is where supplements come in. They are a helper, not the main source of your bodybuilding efforts.

With that said, here are some supplements that you can try to enhance your performance and the results.

Multivitamin – Nutritionists have been saying it for years. A good multivitamin can go a long way to increasing the health of your body. It provides a day’s worth of vitamins and minerals to replace the ones you may not get on any given day.

Creatine – In the body, mitochondria in the cells create ATP (adenosine tri-phosphate). This is the energy source for the body. When ATP loses a phosphate group, it needs to regain one again through cellular respiration to release more energy for the body to use. When you are lifting hard, energy is a necessity. Creatine provides the needed phosphate group.

Fish oil – Omega-3 fatty acids are very important to the body. They help to build a healthy heart and reduce inflammation in the body. This can come in handy when you are injured. Omega-3s can be gotten from eating cold water fish like salmon, but just in case you can’t eat enough, consuming fish oil in capsule form can provide what you need.

Protein mix – You can mix this with water or skim milk. The mixes come in many flavors to make your taste buds happy. When building muscle, protein is important. It can be hard to get enough lean protein to meet all your needs. That is where these powders come in. They provide the needed protein in shakes that can be consumed between meals or as a meal substitute once in a while.

What to Avoid

Well, avoiding any type of steroid almost goes without saying. Steroids are dangerous to your health as well as enhancing your muscles in an unnatural way. In competition this is considered cheating.

Most supplements on the market are not necessary to enhance your performance: most of them you get from food. Food sources are more natural and the best way to provide nutrition for your body. Even out of the ones above, your multivitamin will do the most good.

Supplementation is meant to help your bodybuilding efforts, not replace them. There is no substitute for doing the work.