Sugar Addiction

What Is Sugar Addiction?

Okay, we are not talking about something as serious as drug addiction, but there is a mental component. Sugar tastes good and when you consume it, you want more. Unfortunately what is good to us is not always good for us.

Inside the body another battle is raging. The body breaks down the foods we eat into a variety of nutrients including glucose, a sugar. The body, well the pancreas to be exact, secretes a hormone called insulin in response to that sugar flowing in the bloodstream.

When we consume too much sugar, there is a spike. We all know what that feels like. For about an hour you are moving around like the Energizer bunny but then you come crashing to the floor like a wingless plane. It’s not good. To get more energy you eat more sugar and the cycle begins again.

How to Combat the Problem

First, learn to change your mindset. We reach for sugary snacks when we are tired, most times in error. The body is signaling that it is dehydrated and in need of water but we get confused and eat instead.

Now that your mind is open, here are some ways to beat up that sugar molecule.

* Read food labels – Sugar hides in the most unlikely places. How about your bread, rice or prepackaged foods? They have higher levels of sugar than you might think. Stick with home-cooked meals and fun snacks that are low in calories but nutrient dense.

* Stay hydrated – Since you already know that staying hydrated helps your body function better, be sure to get at least eight glasses of water a day. Drink a glass before meals, to beat hunger, so you can enjoy a healthier meal without so much sugar. Also, test your cravings. When you want something sweet, drink a glass of water first and wait about ten minutes to see if the craving passes.

* Eat naturally sweet foods – This includes dehydrated fruit, fresh fruit, sweet vegetables and nuts. Your sweet tooth will be happy and your waistline will also. Look at the packages for those dried fruits to make sure there is no added sugar. And, eat them in moderation. Savor each bite so the satisfied feeling lasts all day.

* Avoid soda – It’s nice to have one every now and then, but they contain a lot of sugar and sometimes caffeine. Caffeine can feed those sugar cravings and also dehydrate you. Try flavored carbonated waters if you want something more than plain water to drink.