Kiddopotamus Stroller Shade

During the hot summer months, you want to take every precaution to protect your baby or toddler from the sun’s rays. The Stroller Shade is a wonderful product you can use for your stroller. Whether taking walks in the park, or spending the day at a theme park while on vacation, this stroller shade is definitely a must buy for the summer.

The Kiddopotamus Stroller Shade is a simple and elegant hoop-style shade. It meets the highest possible rating for sun protection, with a UPF of 50 to shield your child from over 99% of UVA and UVB rays. The shade cover provides important protection from the sun’s harmful rays. The tightly woven fabric is also water resistant for rain protection.

The shade extends the stroller canopy from head to toe as needed by the sun's angle. A hidden pocket holds bottles and cups upright while a larger pocket hold tissues, cell phones and other items. It attaches quickly and easily to any canopied stroller and adjusts and stays in place with hook and loop straps. It quickly folds into its own pocket for storage. The dimensions are 28x24x8.

According to those who have used this product, the stroller shade makes a world of difference. The concern about a child getting a sun burn or having the sun in his eyes is dissipated using this Stroller Shade.

Great for naptime, it covers up a child’s feet and keeps the child cool. The Kiddopotamus Stroller Shade is definitely recommended if you are going anywhere with a baby, and need coverage from the sun.

There is also good news for those of you who have twin strollers. There is also a Kiddopotamus Stroller Shade with a UV protective UPF 50 designed for twin side by side strollers. Keeping your children protected from the sun is of the utmost concern, especially since the heat of the sun’s rays has become more intense year after year.

Have a Kiddopotamus Stroller Shade with the highest possible UV protection is one product you will want to attach to your existing stroller.