Step Diet: Count Steps Not Calories to Lose Weight and Keep it off Forever

Walking is a healthy and inexpensive way to lose weight, feel great and increase your fitness level. Too many people are sedentary and sit in front of their computer and TV and slowly, over time, gain more and more weight. Walking is also something you can do together as a family.

The Step Diet is a book written by weight-loss experts Drs James O Hill and John C Peters. With the help of the included pedometer, the authors encourage you to step up to the challenge of walking to lose weight. They advocate the energy balance principle, which is very simple and common sense. If you take in more energy than you burn, you will gain weight. By adding a certain amount of extra steps onto your average walking distance and by cutting down on your food intake, you achieve the body balance that the authors talk about in their book. If you then add even more steps, you can finally walk off your extra weight, get fit and feel great.

This book is a great way of taking control of your body and weight, by enjoying walking in the great outdoors and feeling great.