A steam room rids your largest organ of any toxins and impurities that have given it that lackluster look. Through a combination of high heat, excess moisture and aromatherapy, you will see a change in your skin after regular visits. Are you game?

Much like a sauna, a steam room uses high temperatures to create an artificial fever. Here, bacterial growth is decreased as the body works to remove impurities from itself.

Here’s how it works. As the temperature rises, steam is released into the room. This steam is great for anyone with respiratory problems. Breathing the vapors in deeply opens nasal passages, allows for freer breathing, and increases circulation. People with respiratory issues have been shown to benefit greatly from their time in a steam room.

Some of the perks are felt immediately. You have a sense of lightness after you leave the steam room. Your skin just seems to tingle as those toxins roll off of you and onto the floor.

The key to having a successful trip to the steam room is to bring a towel or two and wear loose-fitting clothing. Most people go into the steam room in their bathing suit or simply wrapped in a towel. Tight clothing can restrict the movement and the sweating which is crucial for toxin removal.

After you have sweat so well, taking a cold shower allows your body to cool off gradually and also washes the salt and other minerals off of your skin. Skin health improves once the dirt, dead cells and other substances that adhere to the skin on a daily basis are removed. Increased circulation provides more blood flow to the skin. Some people even begin to look radiant and glistening while still in the steam room.

Many steam rooms also place aromatherapy oils in the steam. It is not uncommon to smell eucalyptus and the like emanating from the vapors. These oils help you to relax in and sleep better after your session.

There are precautions, though. Anyone who is pregnant, has a heart condition or is claustrophobic may want to avoid the steam room. Your doctor will advise about whether a steam room will be helpful to you. A steam bath works wonders for the skin by removing the gunk, thus the skin is able to breathe again and protect your body from harm.