Get a Steam

In a steam room, there is steam because water is poured over a heated element, creating steam. Within the steam you will find the best benefits of using such an apparatus.

Before you try a steam room, get clearance from your doctor. There are often warning signs on the door that tell you that if you have any incidence of certain health problems, then sitting in one of these rooms may not be healthy for you.

Because of the heat, it is not advised that you stay in a steam room for more than twenty minutes. The temperature is regulated on the outside and needs to stay where it is set. You will sweat enough without increasing the heat.

Occasionally, oils are added to the rocks or other heating element to aid the users in quicker recovery time after a workout. The stream makes it seem hotter in there.

Here are some of the benefits of using a steam room on a regular basis (once a week).

* Detoxification – Do you want clean pores and smaller ones? The steam pulls moisture out of your skin along with bacteria and other substances.

* Healthier skin – With more blood moving through your system comes more oxygen as well. Because you have so many blood vessels in your skin, the increased oxygen will make it almost glow and have a healthier look because it is more oxygenated and hydrated.

* Relieve stress – Who can stress when they are sweating in a hot box? As the blood flow increases to the brain, it also energizes your brain cells. They think clearer so that you can come up with more reasonable solutions to problems.

* Freer breathing – Don’t you hate it when phlegm gets stuck in your throat, or worse - your lungs? With the steam all around you, it is easier for thick mucus secretions to dislodge and pass through your system. It sounds gross, but your lungs will thank you for getting rid of it. That can help to open up breathing passages for those who suffer from asthma.