Soyapower Plus

Many people choose to drink soy milk or rice milk these days instead of cow’s milk. The reasons for that can vary – you might be lactose intolerant looking to substitute cow’s milk for other alternatives, you like the taste, you might want to live a vegan lifestyle or just enjoy the many health benefits soy offers.

The Soyapower Plus is a soy and rice milk maker that allows you to make your own preferred milk alternative by grinding beans, seeds, nuts and grains. The machine is very user-friendly, is filter-less (which makes it very easy to keep clean) and is of high quality design and construction. It is made from a thermoplastic and stainless steel outliner, runs energy-efficient, is safe and quiet. The included recipe booklet is not very detailed, but gives you a few basic recipes to get started.

Overall, if you enjoy drinking soy milk/rice milk and other milk alternatives, you might benefit from making your own with the best ingredients you can find. I am sure you will agree with me that the taste of homemade soy/rice milk is far superior to that of store-bought milk.