6 Tips to Stop the Snoring So Your Wife Can Sleep

Many people who snore don’t really think of it as a problem. They’re asleep so it’s not big deal, right? Well, for the people who have to sleep in the same room, or possibly even the same house as them, it is a big deal. While it might not be bothersome to you, your wife and other housemates are probably suffering from your snoring. Here are a few tips to help them get some much needed rest.

The first thing you need to do is avoid habits that can make your snoring worse or even cause it all together.

* Avoid anything that causes your mouth and throat to relax too much. This includes: alcohol, sleeping pills, or any other sedatives.
* Don’t sleep on your back. If necessary, you can prop yourself on your side with pillows or attach a tennis ball to your back to keep you from shifting in your sleep.
* Don’t use too many pillows. Sleeping on a pile of pillows can actually put your neck and throat in a position that increases snoring. Use only one or two firm pillows under your head.

If avoiding troublemakers doesn’t help with your (and your spouse’s) problem, try taking some extra steps to get rid of the racket.

* Lose a few pounds. Excess fat stores in your throat could be constricting your airway and causing breathing issues when you sleep.
* Prop up your bed instead of yourself. While excessive pillows increase snoring, having your head elevated decreases it. Try putting wood blocks or bricks under the head of your bed to lift it up a few inches.
* Inhale steam before bedtime. You can buy a machine that produces steam, or just hold a towel over your head while you run hot water in the sink. This will help break up any congestion and keep your throat from drying out.

If you try these tips and your spouse is still suffering, or if your snoring is severe; you may have a condition called sleep apnea. This is a condition that sometimes accompanies snoring where you stop breathing many times during the night.

Sleep apnea is a severe, but treatable condition. If you suspect you have it, you should visit a doctor to get it checked out. The may recommend a sleep study and treatment options.

If you’ve tried all the above tips and have been checked out by a doctor, but are still snoring, you’ll probably just have to go to the store and buy your wife a quality pair of ear plugs.