Smelly Feet

What causes foot odor? There can be a number of reasons. First of all, feet can sweat just like underarms. And unlike your underarms, feet are trapped in socks and shoes. If those socks are made of material that doesn’t breathe, the moisture becomes trapped inside. When shoes don’t allow for breathing either (like dress shoes), bacteria can cause odor.

Foot odor can also be caused by infections. Fungal infections can lead to odor for the same reason. The moisture has become a haven for bacteria to grow. They release odors as a by-product of their activity.

So, what is a person to do? You don’t want everyone to turn green when you peel off your shoes. In the summer, many people shed their shoes and socks to feel good. You will be feeling quite bad if you unleash a lethal odor.

* Wash your feet frequently – You may take a shower in the morning but you’ll need to give your feet a second washing when you come home. After you remove your socks and shoes, give your feet a good scrubbing before odors have time to spread. Be sure to dry your feet thoroughly afterwards. Good old soap and water usually works, but you may need to use baking soda and water to pull odors from your feet.

* Use foot powders – Medicated powders can dry out and prevent moisture. Spray or sprinkle your feet after washing but before bed. If you don’t have a powder like Gold Bond, you can use cornstarch as a moisture barrier.

* Freshen up your shoes – If you wear the same shoes to work every day, like dress shoes, you will end up with the same smelly problem. Place a dryer sheet in your shoes to help eliminate odor at night. There are also odor-eliminating powders that you can use in your shoes.

* Change your socks daily – You’ll have to beef up your sock collection for this one. Wearing a different pair of socks each day can go a long way to eliminating odor. If you can, switch to cotton socks. They will allow air to circulate around your feet. Any moisture will be wicked away from your feet. Keep an extra pair of socks at your desk in case you feel the need to change them.