Slendertone Fortex Upper Body Strength Trainer

The Slendertone Fortex Upper Body Strength Trainer is an air-based strength training system that tones, strengthens and challenges your muscles in your shoulders, chest, upper back and arms.

It is the ultimate upper body resistance trainer and when used on a regular basis over a period of time, the results should be clearly visible.

The Slendertone Fortex is very user friendly and comes with specialized sensors and advanced personal training software, which measures and tracks the force applied during workout. It then customizes the routines to your own needs. It also benefits from 4 different workout modes: circuit trainer, freestyle, personal trainer strengthening and personal trainer toning.

The device is portable and light and can easily be taken on your business trip or holiday.

The Slendertone Fortex Strength Trainer comes with a 9-volt battery and an instruction manual. It benefits from a 1-year warranty.