Sinusitis Relief

What happens with sinusitis? There is pressure in the head due to swollen sinuses. Something has caused them to become inflamed and they respond by getting larger. If you’ve ever looked into someone’s nose who has bad sinusitis, there is no clear way for air to exit. Even sniffing can increase the pressure and lead to a headache.

The only option is to breathe through your mouth. This may be okay during the day, but at night it can lead to a dry mouth and a sore throat.

If sinusitis continues, it can lead to infection in the nasal passages. That usually results in thick green or yellowish mucus that signifies that there is something more going on. Until that discharge runs clear again, you have a full-blown infection and the sinus pressure and headache will get worse.


You can try over-the-counter medicines but most people find that they come with a high price - and it’s not the cost at the register. There are formulas for cold and flu where sinusitis is a symptom. While you may get some relief of your sinuses, you also feel groggy or experience other side effects.

Give yourself a break and try natural remedies before medication. Your doctor may even suggest some for you if you want to go that route.

* Nature’s antibiotics – The first course of treatment for an infection is an antibiotic (if the problem is bacterial). This reduces the bacterial count but can also have side effects like interacting with birth control pills and leading to yeast infections. One option is bromelain. It is an enzyme from pineapples that has been found useful in fighting bacterial sinus infections. Calming the infection relieves the pressure and the headache.

* Vitamin C – Vitamin C is great for the immune system. Taking your daily recommended dose (either through supplements or eating foods filled with it) can help you fight off an infection that can lead to sinusitis and headaches before it gets that far.

* Apples – It is true that an apple or two a day keeps the doctor and the sinus infection away. One component of apples, quercetin, has been shown to inhibit the inflammatory response in the body. So, eat your fruit and boost your immunity.

* Zinc – It has been used for cold prevention and can be effective with sinusitis. Zinc is like vitamin C in that it boosts immunity. As the weather turns cold, start taking it so that it has time to work before sinusitis ever hits.