Sinus Survival: The Holistic Medical Treatment for Allergies, Colds and Sinusitis

Sinus Survival is a fantastic book on sinus health, treatment and common sinus conditions. The author of the book takes a holistic approach to treatment options and warns against the drugs that are all too commonly used, but you should be careful of. In his own quest to find a cure for his continuously reoccurring sinus infections, he began exploring, not only the causes of chronic sinus problems allergies and colds, but also holistic treatment solutions. It is essentially a self-care guide to long term sinus health.

One chapter of the book deals in depth with sinuses, what they are and why so many of us suffer with sinus-related problems. The author explores the health impact of environmental factors on our health. How does cigarette smoke affect our sinuses, or dry air, air pollution, emotional stress, malformation and occupational hazards? He explains the different chronic sinus-related conditions, and the traditional treatment options. He then gives a clear explanation on how to treat your body, mind and spirit the holistic way. These chapters are very informative and detailed and describe the various body, mind and spirit healing options, such as hydrotherapy, diet, good nasal care, exercise, optimism, humor, body-mind connection, even psychotherapy, candida, emotional health, dealing with anger, vitamins, antioxidants, supplements and many more.

In my opinion, this is a book packed with essential tips and information on the causes and treatment options of sinus-related conditions. Through his holistic approach you will be able to heal yourself from sinus problems and in doing so, will achieve better overall health.