Sensational Meditation for Children: Child-Friendly Meditation Techniques based on the Five Senses

The benefits of children meditating are well documented. It gives instant stress relief, sharpens their ability to focus and concentrate, develops their memory, calms hyperactive kids and can easily be incorporated into their everyday lives.

Sensational Meditation for Children is the 2009 Nautilus Silver Medal Winner in the Parenting and Family Category and the 2009 Living Now Bronze Medal Winner in the Meditation Category. It provides parents with the necessary skills to teach their children how to meditate. It gives a wealth of information about meditation and also benefits from supporting science, practical examples and the philosophy behind it.

The book contains 12 easy to learn meditations, such as Sleeping Cloud, Grounding Cord, What Does My Body Have to Say, Healing Heart and The Happy Tree. Also included are fun-filled exercises for before and after the meditation.