Stronger Seniors Chair Exercise Program DVD

Regular exercise is important for everybody, young and old. Some seniors might find it hard to “work-out” due to knee, hip and balance problems. The DVD ‘Stronger Seniors Chair Exercise Program’ is geared for seniors who want to improve their fitness level with low impact exercises. Most of the exercises are done while sitting on a chair, so ideal for seniors with knee and other physical problems.

Anne Burnell guides you through the 2 DVDs in easy steps. She is a personal trainer who has taught senior exercises for over 20 years. She explains each exercise in detail with proper body position and the benefits gained. The background music is both motivational and easy to listen to.

The exercises are done with a group of seniors and are good for improving balance and strength, which in turn helps seniors when walking, going up and down stairs or bending down to pick something up from the floor.

Overall, doing these exercises will greatly benefit seniors and their agility. It will give them a better lease of life and mobility to do the things they want to do. In my opinion, this DVD set would make a fantastic gift for elderly parents, grandparents or friends.