Senior Health

Senior health has become an important issue today since the life span for most women and men seems to be growing. Therefore the longer we live, the more important it will be to improve our nutritional intake and have a proper exercise regimen.

With health care being the number one topic in political dialogue, it has always been of concern for those of us who are baby boomers, and are near to or ready to retire. In addition, with the rising cost of senior health care, we have concerns as to whether or not we will even be able to afford prescription drugs or medical procedures, should they be needed.

While universal health care has been implemented in some countries, lawmakers in the US seem to be struggling with the notion that senior health care should be universal here as well. While the debate goes on, it is incumbent upon us to find ways in which we can improve or maintain our current health so that we can live out our later years in comfort and with dignity.

Certainly, many seniors are struggling with the high cost of health care. While this is considered an egregious error in most circles, nonetheless, while we may be living a healthy life now –there are so many unknown factors which could crop up at any time forcing us to seek a healthier lifestyle.

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