Self-Healing with Guided Imagery (CD)

Dr Rossman, physician, author, speaker and researcher, and Andrew Weil, well-known author and physician in the field of integrative medicine, have joined forces and together they have produced an audiobook that introduces the listener to the positive effects imagery and visualization can have on the physical and emotional well-being.

Firstly, Weil explains the terms guided imagery and visualisation, how the power of the mind can change the way you feel and how it can heal an ailing body. He describes his own experience with guided imagery and talks about how everybody can benefit from visualization.

Dr. Rossman talks about the basics of guided imagery and how to use it to self-heal and relieve pain. He leads the listener through three healing sessions. His calm and soothing voice produces immediate relaxation and opens the mind to allow inner healing so you can face symptoms and problems. The practical exercises help the listener to overcome stressful times when used repetitively.

Meditation and guided imagery can be used every day to increase health and well-being. It is effective and easy to learn from the beginning on, especially with the help of Andrew Weil and Dr Rossman,