A Sauna Can Detox Your Body

A sauna is a small room made of wood. Think of it like a hot box. There are benches for you to sit on and relax and the rising temperature heats your body. There are also hot rocks in a sauna that produce steam when water is applied.

The purpose of a sauna is to detoxify your body. You may not know it but your pores could be clogged right now. We have so many that it is easily overlooked. One telltale sign of a clog is a lackluster appearance to your skin; it is dull.

These toxic changes also occur on the inside of your body. Organs don’t function as well as they used to. You may notice digestive upsets and other signs of symptoms in overload like swollen lymph nodes.

Time spent in a sauna helps to clean your body out. The temperature is raised to above 100 degrees. This promotes sweating. And boy, do you ever sweat!

But in this instance, sweating is good. The high temperature creates a fever state within your body. Now, the pores open up and begin to expel all of those toxins that have been keeping you bound. Sweating not only gets rid of toxins but excess minerals that may be found in your body. You are getting a dry bath.

Saunas are heated in a variety of ways but the purpose is the same - to help you detoxify your body. To prepare for the sauna, wear loose clothing. Some people try a sauna after they work out to get rid of excess salts and other impurities. If you dare, go in with a towel and just your skivvies.

Bring another towel to sit on and one to lay your head on if you want to stretch out. The benches will also get hot as the temperature rises. There is a time limit in the sauna – no more than thirty minutes.

The rising temperature can leave you feeling claustrophobic or trying to catch your breath. Breathe through your nose slow and easy until you get accommodated to the level of heat. After your dry sauna, drink plenty of water to replenish what was lost in the process.

Check with your doctor before using a dry sauna. The excessive heat is not compatible with those who have heart problems, high blood pressure and thyroid issues. Even if you don’t have these problems, a doctor may recommend building up to the thirty minute limit.