Rock Climbing Benefits

Rock climbing tests your skills, fitness level and focus. It is you versus nature. Even on a rock wall you are pitting your skills against the wall and others in competition.

Many people have taken to using rock walls in gyms and facilities dedicated to rock climbing. You can get started in a rock wall gym with a capable instructor and the right equipment. The benefit of the gym setting is that you get a chance to get a feel for the sport without hanging from a rock face outdoors. If you like it, you can continue to participate indoors and try outdoor rock climbing as well.

In rock gyms, all the equipment that you need is provided. They have the proper harnesses, gloves and helmets for you to get started. With a few pointers you’ll be scaling that wall like a pro.

Now rock climbing has a lot of physicality associated with it. You are lifting your own weight up the side of this wall. This doesn’t mean that you have to be a certain size to participate. It may be a little more challenging but no less fun when you succeed in climbing higher.

One benefit of rock climbing is the strength you will develop. Rock climbers use their upper body to support most of their weight when moving from hand hold to hand hold. Your legs also get a workout as they dig in to footholds and propel you upward to the next hand hold. Your entire body will increase in muscle tone the more you climb.

Rock climbing sharpens your focus, increases flexibility and agility and critical thinking skills. What’s the best way to scale that wall? These skills are also helpful in other areas of your life.

You also increase your self-esteem and confidence. It can be scary even with a harness on to jump to a distant hand hold or foothold. Children also benefit from learning to rock climb. As you learn more and grow fit, you will be more likely to take newer risks. Having friends to cheer you on isn’t a bad thing either.

And, that leads to the next benefit – camaraderie. Rock climbers form communities, whether indoors or outdoors. When you climb with others, you learn to depend and trust each other for your very lives sometimes. You get to know people well. And, in turn, they build each other up to more impressive goals.