Total Body Resistance Band Workout

Achieving a healthy body is a goal we all desire to reach. One of the ways you can meet this goal is by working out using a resistance band.

Resistance bands are usually made of tubular rubber. They come in many colors and sizes. Most have handles on the end that can either be constructed of hard plastic or a more pliable plastic material. Usually each color represents a different resistance from easy to very hard.

You may be asking yourself, how can a band with a handle on each end give you a good resistance workout? Well, it can and here’s how. Resistance bands use the built-in resistance in the band along with your own body weight to help you build muscle and reduce fat.

A resistance band can be used to work every muscle in your body. All you need to use is what you have around your home and your body. Let’s use your leg muscles as an example. Because these are large muscle you can use a band that provides the most resistance.

Stand on the band with your legs shoulder width apart and squat down by pushing your butt back like you are sitting in a chair. Hold the handles with your elbows braced against your body. Push through your heels, returning to an upright position. As you rise, you will feel the resistance of the band in the front and back or your thighs and your buttocks.

The band can be wrapped around a chair you are sitting on to perform chest presses. Standing on a medium resistance band, you can perform military presses for your shoulders and upper back. Bands can be wrapped around a doorknob for chest flyes.

Resistance bands teach form. With machines, you have no choice but to use proper form even when you don’t know it. With resistance bands, you have to focus on the movement to feel the muscle working.

Also, the resistance is the same throughout. The muscle contracts as you lift and as you lower for double the muscle work. On machines you can get lazy and only contract as you lift, being tempted to lower the weights quickly.

Resistance bands can be used anywhere and at any time. You can take them on vacation or on a business trip so you don’t miss a workout. They pack easily into a suitcase and weigh hardly anything.

Are you looking for a workout that works with you and is easy to stick to? Try a resistance band workout.