Qigong is a Taoist yoga practice that combines the mind and body in harmony together.

In Oriental practice, qi is also called “chi” (pronounced “chee”). This refers to the life force that runs throughout the body. Each person has a life force that guides their life. It is this qi that keeps the body and mind in balance. For a healthy life, a balanced and unobstructed flow of qi is needed.

Qi flows through what are termed meridian lines. These run along the body and intersect at different points.

Physical Benefits

Qigong may involve movement of the body or movement of the mind. There are different forms of teaching here. With the body experiencing yoga movements, there are physical benefits that go along with it.

The body experiences a greater flexibility, stamina and balance. Muscles are more pliable which leads to greater balance and fewer injuries to the body during daily movements. For busy people, increased stamina is like a boost to the body to keep you moving.

Another physical benefit is total body health. Through movement, any obstructions in the energy flow results in a warm feeling throughout the body. This results in positive changes in the endocrine, cardiovascular, digestive and respiratory systems - to name a few.

Restoring the flow of qi can release toxins from the body to be eliminated via the lymphatic system. Removing toxins from the body results in better-looking skin and also deeper restorative sleep.

Mental Benefits

Some practices of qigong involve focusing the mind to improve that mind/body connection. To focus the energy, one can learn to concentrate on the breathing. This type of practice can result in greater mental clarity and an opening of the “third eye” which gives you insight into higher spiritual plains.

With a relaxed and enlightened mind, one can also achieve emotional peace. Those who practice forms of qigong have noticed that they experience deeper emotions of joy, satisfaction, and acceptance of themselves and others. When situations of loss and grief are experienced, the process of dealing with them is better handled.