Purelight UV Sterilizing Wand

The Purelight UV Sterilizing Wand is a cordless wand that kills germs instantly. It uses UV light purification to sterilize any household surface including mattresses, bedding, books, toys, furniture etc without using harmful chemicals.

It reduces and controls (by up to 99.9%) dust mites, bacteria, mold, viruses and bed bugs that can cause allergies and illnesses. The wand also controls odors.

Whether sanitizing computers, telephones, hairbrushes, kitchen utensils, smelly rooms, toilets etc, the wand is easy to use. Wave the wand over an area that needs to be cleaned and the sterilizing happens instantly.

The wand is 20” in length, weighs 1lb and includes the AC adapter and charger. It also comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.