What is Polarity Therapy?

Polarity therapy is somewhere between alternative and modern medicine. It has its origins in the Eastern medicine.

So what does polarity therapy involve? Think about the earth. Encircling us are fields of energy. We can’t see them but we know that they exist. Energy flows along specific lines. Our microwave ovens give off energy that creates an electromagnetic field.

Well, according to proponents of polarity therapy, the same thing is true inside the body. There are lines of energy that crisscross each other. Eastern medicine calls these lines “chi.”

There are three types of energy currents that work inside the body. Transverse currents run from east to west across the body. Long line currents run from north to south. Finally, spiral currents extend outward from the navel area.

In a healthy body, the lines of energy flow in their respective direction unhindered. The body is balanced and thus enjoys a state of health. The problem comes when the balance is tipped in one direction over another or is blocked.

Blockages in the energy field results in illnesses. They are an outward extension of inner turmoil. The goal of polarity therapy is to restore the balance in the body by returning the flow of energy to its normal pattern.

So, how is this achieved? Polarity therapy touches on more than one field of study. According to the founder of the treatment, Dr. Randolph Stone, changes in the energy flow are a result of relationships, environmental factors, trauma in the body, stress, dietary changes, movement, touch and other factors.

The treatment is a mix of assisted body movements, diet and self-awareness. Polarity therapy takes into account the entire person: physical, mental and emotional states. During a therapy session, patients are asked to focus on the movements as they are guided through them and recognize changes in the way they feel.

Conditions such as arthritis, stress, depression, fibromyalgia and digestive disorders have been shown to respond to polarity therapy. The effects of the session work are cumulative, meaning that each session builds on the one before to help heal the entire body. Your initial problem may not be resolved right away, but you could notice other changes in your body that keep you encouraged about the treatment.

During a polarity session, the patient is fully clothed. Loose clothing is recommended for ease of movement. The therapist works with you, going slowly at first and then moving on to advanced techniques as you get used to the sensations associated with the process.

Not only do you receive inner healing, but also emotional and mental awareness. Restoring the energy flow means dealing with the entire person. If you are looking for a complementary approach to regain health, find out more about polarity therapy.