Pilates Core Challenge DVD

Pilates is becoming more and more popular with people of all ages to gain fitness. It is a great way to tone and strengthen muscles, improve posture flexibility, strengthen the spine and improve general well-being.

The Pilates Core Challenge DVD has a 60 minute running time. All you need is a Pilates mat, which is not included in the purchase, and you can enjoy the benefits of the program. The exercises on the DVD target your core muscles such as lower back, buttocks, hips and abs. Doing these exercises on a regular basis, makes your body become firmer and stronger.

Ana Caban is the instructor on the DVD. She gives easy to follow instructions to guide you through the program and teaches you how to breathe properly through the Pilates exercises.

The exercises include single leg stretches, double leg stretches, scissors, roll-ups and more. Pilates is being used as additional training by many athletes or dancers.

The DVD’s audio can be played in Spanish and English.