What is Physiotherapy?

What Is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is another name for physical therapy. It is a therapy that uses various techniques to treat diseases and debilitating conditions. We think of physical therapy after an accident, but it is also common after an injury or any type of disease process that limits movement.

A physical therapist will use two main pieces of information to create a program for you. First, they will take a medical history. This is the information that you provide about your painful condition.

Secondly, they will take a look at you. This involves looking at how you move the affected joint. That can tell them a lot about your condition and how they can help.

There are many techniques that can be used in physiotherapy. Depending on your condition, physical therapy may take place in a rehabilitation center or in your home. Physical therapists go through extensive training to learn how to help people in different stages of immobility.

Here are some of the techniques you may encounter.

* Heat – Heat is a tool to help relieve pain in the joints. It can make physical therapy more bearable and less painful afterwards.

* Strength training – Sometimes, the key to recovery is gaining strength in the surrounding tissues. Lower weights with higher reps can increase mobility over time.

* Range of motion – When we encounter pain in the joints, we change our range of motion based on that fact. This means that an injury to the shoulder can result in only forward movement if backward movement causes pain. Over time, the ligaments that control the backward motion may shorten. It takes practice to increase the normal range of motion again.

Physiotherapy is a part of conventional medicinal practice but uses less invasive techniques to combat such conditions as arthritis. While it doesn’t promise a pain-free rehabilitation, results are seen over time with increased movement. Performing exercises, targeted movements and using approved therapy aids can enhance your life and get you back to optimum health.