Pets For Seniors

Love can be contagious and for those who have lost a loved one or a family member, having a pet around can partially fill that void. Pets become in tune with their owners as they learn to live together.

Pets reduce your stress levels. Their actions can begin to calm you down in no time. When you come home from a hard day at work and nuzzle with your pet, the mood begins to change. Their lack of stress can translate to you.

Pets are often sent to nursing homes to visit with residents. Here, they work wonders. A dog or cat can help improve the mood and give purpose to the life of someone that has no one else in their lives. Many nursing home patients can easily get depressed, and pets can reverse that trend by giving their love to a person who needs it.

By lowering your stress levels, pets can also keep your blood pressure and heart rate in check. Seeing that innocent sweet face as you walk in the door from a hard day at work can make all the difference. It can even help reduce cortisol levels so that you won’t gain weight, which so often happens as a result of stress.

Pets can help you to fight depression in your life. We all get the blues and get down sometimes. Having a pet to comfort you can help you to battle back from that pit and feel better about yourself and your situation.

Did you know that they keep you healthy as well? Cats may like to stay in the house but dogs love to run wild. Walking your dog everyday improves his circulation and yours as well. When he runs, run with him. Throwing the ball or Frisbee in the yard gets both hearts pumping.

We have talked about dogs, so what about cats? Cats are unique pets that have their own individual personalities. They can seem almost human sometimes. It has been reported that cat owners suffer fewer strokes. Cats have a calming, “let the chips fall where they may” attitude that bodes well for their owner’s mental state.

Pets get you outside and into the world. There are always other pet owners to chat with at the dog park or when running on the trails. Your social life and that of your pet will improve significantly.