Passage Meditation

Meditation and spirituality brings peace and harmony back into our hectic and stressful lives. This book by Eknath Easwaran helps you to discover how you can move in easy steps towards a more rewarding and peaceful life – something we all aspire to achieve.

The author has a wealth of spiritual knowledge that he passes on in his book. He also provides you with simple and clear guidelines you should live by. These can be implemented into your daily life with great results in the form of meditation and other strategies. His book is not based on one religion but is very inclusive and honors all religious affiliations. Some of the topics he discusses are: unconditional love, awareness of how our actions affect others and also basic morals. To give you examples of some of his sections in the book: Slowing Down, Meditation on a Passage, Training the Senses, Putting others First and Spiritual Companionship.