What Are the Benefits of Orange Essential Oil?

Essential oils are used a lot in aromatherapy treatments. Some may believe that it is all cosmetic, but orange oil has been used for a long time as a medicinal cure. Keep reading to find out how orange essential oil can be used to help you.

Oranges are a citrus fruit that provides helpful vitamins like A and C. vitamin C has antioxidant properties that help to fight the aging process in the body. Eating fruit with their natural sugars can fight a sweet tooth and help you stay healthy.

But, did you know that your little orange could heal what ails you? Well, it can. The essential oil is obtained from the skin of the oranges. We normally throw that away after peeling the fruit, but now you may change your mind.

Orange oil can be ingested and has been used in a variety of products. Most notably, it has been used as orange flavoring in sodas, cookies, chocolate, yogurt and all manner of edibles. Anywhere that orange is added for additional flavoring, it is probably orange essential oil.

Going beyond that, you’ll also find this oil used in commercial products that you have around your home. Air fresheners, lotions and products that contain citrus extracts are often referring to orange oil as one of those extracts.

How can oranges benefit your health? For one, orange essential oil helps relieve inflammation. You know how that happens: muscles that are sore after a workout, sinus issues and any other place on your body (inside and out) where inflammation is present.

Like peppermint, there are also antispasmodic properties present. This is helpful if you are experiencing abdominal pain, bowel troubles, menstrual cramps or even diarrhea. Rubbing this oil on the affected area causes muscles to unknot and relax along with relaxing the nerves associated with the pain.

If you are feeling down or suspect that you may be having a depressive episode, this oil may be able to help you. Just the smell of the orange oil has the ability to raise your mood and create good feelings within you. You don’t have to sit and sniff the bottle though. You can use orange oil during a massage to benefit from the “smelly” effects.

Using the orange oil on the face and around the temples can help you return to a relaxed state, especially after a stressful day. It acts as a sedative to calm your mind and body.

Are you looking for more natural remedies for your body ailments? Try orange essential oil. It not only helps to boost your immunity, it can improve your mood, and help rid your body of toxins and certain types of pain.