Optimism is more than just putting on rose-colored glasses and looking at the world as a fairy tale land. It is about weighing the choices that we have to make in a realistic light.

Saddling up with a good attitude can affect your entire life. For starters, it affects self-esteem. When you feel good about yourself, you exude a confidence that you might have otherwise not have had. This can lead to better choices to keep that fine feeling you already have.

So, maybe you don’t see the glass as half empty, but you aren’t quite looking at it as half full either. You can make changes that will improve your outlook and approach to life with these tip tips.

* Keep a cheerful voice – How we perceive how we sound has a big effect on how we are perceived by others. Speak in upbeat tones to put others at ease and also to increase your mood.

* Use happy words to describe yourself – Maybe you just lost an account. You can think things like “failure” or “problem” or “disappointment.” But you could also see it as “learning experience” or “opportunity to improve” or even “incentive.” This colors the way that you think.

* Choose your friends carefully – Who is influencing you? If you are an optimist or wanting to become one, choose friends who are going places and have the traits that you want. Find out how they stay upbeat and emulate their practices.

* Don’t give in to misery – Misery loves company but it doesn’t have to be yours. These people are looking for anyone to latch onto to spread their venom. Avoid people who constantly mock your efforts to improve yourself or offer their logic for why you shouldn’t try for your dreams.

* Correct your posture – When you sit up straight, your organs can function better. You have an improved digestive system. When you stand taller, you feel better. Slouching can indicate a sour mood or bad feelings about yourself.

* Count your blessings – What is good in your life? Write them down and number them. With twenty good things in your life, why look so down? What if your list gets up to 50 or 100? The longer you think about it, the more items you can find to include. With all that going for you, optimism is not far behind.

* Meditation - Take control of your body and your mind. Use meditation to get rid of stress and also to change your thought patterns to reflect a positive attitude.