Omron Digital Pocket Pedometer

The majority of people need some encouragement to increase their exercise levels and become more active. A pocket pedometer is a neat little device that clips on to your belt or waistband, and measures the activity level and steps you take during the day. That way you can keep a daily record and actually realize how little or how much you exercise during a normal day. Studies have shown that if you wear a pedometer and record your distances walked, you will become more active, which in turn improves your overall health and fitness.

The Omron HJ-112 Digital Pocket Pedometer is similar to a traditional pedometer except that it has the added benefit of a dual sensor technology. This means that you can actually keep it in your purse or put it in your pocket instead of clipping it to your belt. Nevertheless, if you prefer attaching it to your belt, it comes with a detachable belt holder.

The device measures your steps taken, including aerobic steps (i.e. walking uphill or upstairs vs walking on flat ground) and also records time and distance covered. Another great benefit is that it calculates how many calories you have burned on your walks, which gives you the right attitude to keep at it and lose weight.

Overall, it is proven that with the help of a pedometer, people tend to increase their fitness levels. Therefore, a pedometer is a small investment to keep you fit and healthy. I would certainly recommend it.